Saturday, March 11, 2006

A successful strike concludes

Finally, our 12 day strike has been called off. The negotiating parties have reached an agreement. The Government has agreed to all our demands and we will be joining duties from tomorrow 8 AM (those in Mumbai) and within 24 hours (in other parts Maharashtra).

In this momentous occassion, we would like to thank all of those who have helped us or supported us; the people, the various associations, fellow residents from all over India... all of you.

Thank you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

*IMPORTANT* - The Strike is not called off (yet)

We have just got information from the CENTRAL MARD in Mantralaya that the strike has NOT been called off (as reported by TV channels and websites) yet.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Report on March 9, 2006

Report on the 11th day of Strike – Press Release

March 9th 2006,
10.00 pm

The 11th day of our strike was very successful but the Government failed on the negotiation front. All over the state, the parallel OPDs are running successfully. The only setback was at Bandra Bhabha where a possibility of future legal intervention prevented the housing society to lend their place for our purpose. A blood donation camp was organized in KEM with over 50 donors participating to our call.

All over India, ‘Black Day’ was observed successfully confirming the unity of the medical fraternity. A one-day strike was held in the GTB hospital, New Delhi in response to the incident of a fellow resident being manhandled.

Support flowed in from all corners of the country adding to the lakhs of people supporting the just cause of the doctors.

  • Maharashtra Nurses Association, Nanded
  • Medical Lecturers Association, Nanded
  • Bhartiya Mahathma Mission Shramik Rugnalayin Karmachari Sanghatana, Aurangabad.
  • Autochalak Malak Sangh, Aurangabad
  • Goa Association of Resident Doctors, Goa
  • Federation of Medical Representative Association of India.
  • Mumbai Study Group
  • Mumbai People’s Action Committee
  • Nivara Hakk Suraksha Samithi
  • Forum Against Oppression of Women
  • Nirbhay Bano Andolan
  • Girni Kamgar Sangarsh Samitee
  • Focus on the Global South – India
  • National Alliance of People’s Movements
  • Young Professional’s Collective
  • All India Bank Officer’s Association

There was another discussion between the Government and our representatives. Unfortunately, it failed yet again as they were not willing to all of our demands.

A grand General Body Meeting was held in the premises of JJ hospital. All the issues and developments were put across to 2, 000 resident doctors gathered. We reached a consensus that we will not bend till every single demand is met. It was also decided to increase the number of representatives in the negotiation committee to 13 for better representation.


Subject: Reply to data on the stipend situation circulated by Honourable Director Dr. Tayde.

The stalemate between the government and the resident doctors has come to a situation where the authorities are resorting to desperate measures. This includes projecting figures, which are completely misleading. Initially they were playing with the figures of OPD and emergency patient attendance. When that gimmick fell flat on its face, they have come up with an outrageous list of stipends being given to the residents in other states. Infact the stipend for JR1 in Maharashtra in a BMC hospital is Rs 8,340 as against the mentioned Rs 9063. To complete the reality check we asked the residents of other states to send in the actual figures. Of the figures that became available to us we come to the conclusion that stipend-wise Maharashtra ranks 17th out of the 23 states/institutions whose data reached us. Also fee structure-wise Maharashtra ranks 7th out of those 23. Note that Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Assam, which offer lower stipend, have regulated 8 to 10 hours working duties. They don't have to stay in the campus after the stipulated working hours.

This gimmick of the government still drives us away from what we have been saying all along. In order to combat with the poor doctor patient ratio in our state, we have to attract medicos from not only within the state but also all over the country. This can be done with better security, good housing, regulated working hours, MCI recognition to PG courses, moderate fees, reasonable stipend and access to library all day around. Please note that the points mentioned in the single line above are all the demands made by the MARD. Is this too much to ask? What are we trying to achieve anyway by hollow comparisons without addressing the actual problem?


Due to the problems in the table layout, I've put the comparison as an image. You can download the file as a MSWord document here.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Computer down again

Unfortunately, the internet is down once again. Today's update has been posted. But the rest of the details may not be put until the connection is back up again.


Report on the 10th day of strike - Press Release

8th of March, 2006, 7.00 pm

The statewide strike rolled on to its tenth day with the stalemate between the residents and the government at status quo. In the meantime residents all over the state have continued their efforts to run parallel OPDs for the common public. The details are as follows:

  • In Mumbai, parallel OPDs of all the three colleges are running successfully.
  • Rajawadi started parallel OPDs and attended to around 202 patients on the 1st day itself. They also started an antenatal OPD, which was held in the afternoon.Bandra Bhabha Hospital attended to around 100 patients.
  • BJMC & Sasoon Hospital, Pune served to around 200 patients along with 10 voluntary Blood donations.
    GMC Nagpur took care of around 100 patients on the 1st day of parallel OPD.
  • IGMC Nagpur organized a march of 250 resident doctors who distributed 2000 pamphlets to raise awareness in the general public regarding the pathetic condition of the resident doctors and their demands.
  • A rally of 200 was organized in Miraj.
  • Residents of Ambejogai are conducting a candle march as a mark of silent protest.
  • GMC Aurangabad got the highest number of patients with around 650 turning up.
  • A Human chain of around 2500 was formed in Azad Maidan, which was followed by a candle march. Dr. Aditi Govitrikar has supported our cause by attending the candle march.

A dharna was held at Rajghat in protest against the Government’s stand against the doctors. Residents from all over India are observing a “Black Day’ tomorrow expressing their solidarity with us. Dr. Binod Partho, president of RDA AIIMS has confirmed that in rotation, every medical college in New Delhi will be going on a token strike, starting at GTB Hospital from tomorrow. How ironic it is, when we are preparing this report that news is filtering from New Delhi about an assault on one of our colleagues working in GTB Hospital by a patients relatives.

List of Supporters (updated regularly)

List of Supporters
updated at 7 pm, 10th of March, 2006

(In Addition to support from UG students and Interns from all over Maharashtra)

  1. Indian Medical Association (IMA), Central Delhi branch.
  2. Resident Doctors Association (RDA), AIIMS New Delhi.
  3. Indian Medical Association (IMA), Mumbai.
  4. Federation of resident Doctors association (FORDA), New Delhi.
  5. Junior Doctors Medical association M.P.
  6. Post Graduate Association Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.(Kerala)
  7. Lokaraj Sangathan, New Delhi
  8. Junior Doctors Association, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. (Karnataka).
  9. Association of resident Doctors V.S.S.M.C., Burla (Orrissa).
  10. Junior doctors Medical association, Jabalpur (M.P.).
  11. Medical Services Centre, Kolkata.
  12. Lokshahi Hakka Sanghatana.
  13. Andhra Pradesh Junior Doctor Association, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh).
  14. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. (MTNL).
  15. Medical service centre, National sociomedical voluntary organisation.
  16. Junior Doctor association, B J Medical College, Ahmedabad.
  17. Post Graduate students association, M.K.C.G.M.C., Behrampur.
  18. Medical college students union, Kolkata.
  19. Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).
  20. Rajasthan Assocition of Resident Doctors.
  21. Indian Medical Association, Kochi.
  22. Residents Doctors Assocition , Rohtak.
  23. Junior Doctors Assocition, RIMS,Jharkhand.
  24. Residents Doctors Association, Banaras Hindu University, UP
  25. Junior Doctors Association, GMC, Amristar
  26. Goa Association of Resident Doctors, Goa
  27. Federation of Medical Representative Association of India.
  28. Focus on the Global South – India
  29. National Alliance of People's Movements
  31. Young Professional's Collective
  32. All India Bank Officer's Association
  1. Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai
  2. General Practitioners association Greater Bombay
  3. Nirbhaya Kamgar Sena.Mumbai.
  4. ENT Society of Bombay
  5. Bombay Psychiatry Society
  6. Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai
  7. Bombay Hospital Residents Association, Mumbai
  8. Communist Party of india (CPI), Mumbai Council
  9. Bombay Orthopaedic Society (BOS)
  10. Resident Doctors Association, Holy Spirit Hospital
  11. Resident Doctors Association, Nanavati Hospital
  12. Law Associates.
  13. Association of Hospitals, Mumbai
  14. Mumbai People's Action Committee
  1. Indian Medical association branch Pune.
  2. Physio-Occupational Therapy students association of Maharashtra.1 March2006
  3. Maharashtra association of Gazzetted medical officers (MAGMO)
  4. MARD dental Faculty (St George dental college)
  5. Indian Medical association Nashik
  6. Parents association of Medical Association
  7. Maharashtra Nursing Federation.
  8. Center of Indian Trade Unions, Maharasthra state
  9. Citizen’s committee, Lokshahi Hakk Sanghatana, Maharashtra.
  10. Indian Medical Assocition,Aurangabad.
  11. Indian Medical Association, Nanded
  12. Bauddha Seva Sangh
  13. Maharashtra Nurses Association, Nanded
  14. Medical Lecturers Association, Nanded
  15. Bhartiya Mahathma Mission Shramik Rugnalayin Karmachari Sanghatana, Aurangabad.
  16. Autochalak Malak Sangh, Aurangabad
  17. Nivara Hakk Suraksha Samithi
  18. Forum Against Oppression of Women
  19. Nirbhay Bano Andolan
  20. Girni Kamgar Sangarsh Samitee

( …………………………. and increasing day by day, hour by hour)

Badge logo

This is the draft proposed for the badge that MARD is going to come up with.

Report on the 9th day of strike - Press Release

Report on the 9th day of Strike – Press Release
10.00 pm
7th March, 2006
On the 9th day of our ongoing strike, the situation remains the same. The adamant Government is not only complying to any our demands, but has also resorted to other means like negative publicity in order to misguide the public and malign our image. On this momentous day, the residents of JJ Hospital launched a dedicated website ( for MARD.

In Mumbai, our efforts to enlighten the public about our cause were continued through protest marches and street plays. ‘Black flag marches’ were held in all the major hospitals. Street plays were organised by the resident doctors of KEM (Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel), Nair (Agripada, Tardeo, Girgaon) and Sion (in the vicinity of their premises), all of these receiving a warm and enthusiastic response. This perhaps reflects the swing in public opinion in our favour, despite the efforts of the authorities against us. A unique ‘Bag march’ was conducted in the Nair hospital as a protest to the forced eviction of residents at the Bhagwati Hospital, Borivili. Candle light marches were organised in many hospitals all over Maharashtra continued to throw light into the issues, the testimony being a whopping 900 medicos who participated in Pune.

The concept of the ‘Parallel OPDs’ has caught up in the peripheral hospitals in Mumbai as well as the rest of Maharashtra. The figures reflect the tremendous faith of public in us completely contrary to Government’s claims. For eg. Bandra Bhabha - 110 patients, Aurangabad – 625 patients, Solapur – 350 patients etc. All rumors regarding the calling off of the strike in Solapur were proved spurious and in fact, the nursing staff and class IV workers have expressed their moral support with us. Blood donation camps were held in Nagpur, Aurangabad. The opportunity to conduct one in KEM was denied by the authorities. An eye-donation registration camp was held in IGMC Nagpur where 135 donors were registered.

The wave of protest crossed the borders of our state as evidenced by the ‘Black badge Day’ observed in the AIIMS and the rest of the national capital. The resident doctors have even Gujrat offered to join the strike but we have asked them to stall the decision for the time being.

Support letters were received from the following
• Citizen’s committee, Lokshahi Hakk Sanghatana, Maharashtra.
• Indian Medical Assocition,Aurangabad.
• Association of Hospitals, Mumbai
• Rajasthan Assocition of Resident Doctors.
• Indian Medical Association, Kochi (Kerala)
• Residents Doctors Assocition , Rohtak (Haryana)
• Junior Doctors Assocition, RIMS, Jharkhand.
• Bauddha Seva Sangh
• Students Federation of India
• Democratic Youth Federation of India
• Bharatiya Kranti Sena, Maharashtra

IMA and CENRAL MARD representatives in New Delhi plan a meeting tomorrow. A ‘Human Chain’ and ‘Candle march’ are planned at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan tomorrow evening starting at 4 pm. The wave of protest will be strengthened by a nation wide ‘Black Day’ on Thursday. Doctors from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana, PGI, West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have vowed for support. Hopefully, these will help to open the eyes and ears of the authorities who have failed to recognize the justness in our demands.


NDTV article - PIL against striking doctors

I don't know how much of this is true - a PIL has been filed in the Nagpur HC against the resident doctors.

No Commments

Technical problems

The internet connection has crashed in the MARD Office, KEM. Therefore, the updates are not properly done for yesterday night and today. We are trying to get this sorted out.

News update - Courtesy MARD Today

98% Public Support Us! – On an Opinion Poll on Radio Mirchi, the listeners were asked what they thought about the termination and eviction notices. An overwhelming 98% replies favoured doctors saying that the authorities were wrong in taking such harsh action.

Doctors Evicted! – 33 residents from Bhagwati hospital were evicted from their rooms as a follow-up to the termination notice. The authorities continued their ‘Divide-and-Rule’ policy by targeting a few residents at a time. However, this action has backfired with the strike becoming more intense and the public increasingly questioning the Government’s attitude.

AMC To The Rescue – The Association of Medical Consultants has stepped in in support of the evicted residents and provided them with food and shelter.

“We Have Packed Our Bags” – The residents of Nair Hospital organized a ‘Bag Protest’ in which they demonstrated with their bags in a show of solidarity with the Bhagwati residents. It was also a message to the authorities that the residents will continue the strike despite the threat of eviction.

Eye Donation Camp – Residents of IGMC, Nagpur organized an Eye Donation Camp in which 127 residents pledged their eyes. In addition, 15 units of blood were collected.

Parallel OPD In Aurangabad - Resident doctors of GMC Aurangabad conducted a parallel OPD on Tuesday outside their hospital campus which had an overwhelming response of around 500 patients. But they were forced to evacuate the premises by the police officials. No incidences of violence were reported.

Candle March & Blood Donation Camp - Resident doctors of GMC Aurangabad protested against the Government’s indifferent attitude towards the resident doctors by carrying out a candle light march silently inside their hospital campus. They also plan to conduct a blood donation camp on Wednesday.

Parallel OPD In Bandra Bhabha Hospital - Parallel OPD has been started by the resident doctors of the Bandra Bhabha hospital. Around 101 patients had already reported till yesterday afternoon. Patients were given free drugs. In the ENT OPD, the resident removed a foreign body from the ear of a patient!

Parallel OPD in GMC Nagpur – GMC Nagpur has started Parallel OPD. Thus residents of GMC, Nagpur have become completely involved in the strike immediately after joining it.

Black Flag March – JJ Hospital residents conducted a march with black flags in the residents’ hands in protest against the Government. The March ended with an excellent street play. Parallel OPDs continued in JJ with nearly 350 patients receiving care today.

Protest March Disallowed - A democratic protest march was organized at KEM hospital where more than 350 doctors protested against the Government’s stand. But the march had to be called off as the permission was denied by both the authorities as well as the Dean. A similar protest march in Sion Hospital was also disallowed by the authorities.

Taking The Message To The Public – KEM Hospital residents conducted a street play at Phoenix Mills thus continuing their efforts at public awareness.

Nair Residents Continue Activities – Nair Hospital residents conducted street plays at Agripada and Mumbai Central areas. They also displayed posters and distributed pamphlets among the people. At Girgaum Chowpatty, the Police interrupted the play citing security reasons. Many members of the crowd openly objected to the Police actions.

The Seniors Are With Us – Senior faculty members of DY PATIL Medical College demonstrated their support by wearing black bands today.

Suggestions: The strike is stronger than ever as we enter the 10th day today. How can we intensify it further? Please send your suggestions to Let’s exercise our brains and come up with innovative ideas!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Latest Updates

  • 12.00 pm - We are glad to announce that the Parallel OPD has been started by the resident doctors of the Bandra Bhabha hospital today. Up till now, 110 patients have reported.
  • 1.30 pm - Protest March in KEM Hospital. More than 350 doctors openly protesting against the Government's stand.
  • 2.00 pm - The march in KEM has to be called off as permission was denied by both the authorities and the Dean.